Herdim Double Joining Clamp, 20-280mm

Herdim Dbl.Join Clamp,20-280mm

Herdim Double Joining Clamp, 20-280mm

The combination of aluminum and brass greatly reduces the weight of the clamp and increases its flexibility for use in sensitive areas, such as the bouts of antique violins and violas. While a standard crack clamp made of brass with a jaw width of 280 mm will weigh 100 g, this design with aluminum clamping jaws and screw heads only weighs 82 g. Rubber padded plates of the leveling screws as well as rubber jaws reduce the risk of damage of the repaired instruments. European origin ensures durability, precise and flawless action.

  • Significantly reduced weight
  • Rubber jaws and levelling pads to prevent damage
  • Durability and precise action

For repairing a removed top (clamping pressure can be applied from above and below).


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