Herdim Hand-Forged Repair Clamp, 300×80mm

Herdim Repair Clamp, 300x80mm

Herdim Hand-Forged Repair Clamp, 300x80mm

These traditional clamps, designed for the repair of musical instruments, are excellently suited to the construction of models thanks to their compact size. The two larger versions have a wide grip, and are therefore also used by restorers to repair damage to the veneer in the middle of table surfaces and tops. Forged by hand, the steel frames are built to withstand the hard knocks of everyday use in the studio, and have galvanized surfaces that are particularly easy to clean. Smooth-running brass spindle with knurled knob and steep thread. Ball-jointed pressure plate with removable rubber coating. Special silicone pads are available as accessories to protect varnished surfaces.

  • Jaw depth 302 mm
  • Jaw opening 73 mm
  • Silicone protective pad diameter 17 mm
  • Weight 720 g

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