From the beginner GEWApure to precision made workshop models, there is a GEWA outfit to fit every budget.

GEWApure Beginner Violin Outfits

Entry level violins by GEWA. Shop adjusted by BVS, ready to play.

Intermediate Violin Outfits

Violin outfits for the advancing student. Fully set up.

GEWA Workshop Violin Outfits

European style instruments from GEWA.

Item# 10-G110S
Item# 10-G110
Item# 10-G110S-O
Item# 10-G110-O
GEWA Etude Violin Outfit
Item# 10-G115S
Item# 10-G115
Item# 10-G115S-O
Item# 10-G115-O
GEWA Academie Violin Outfit

Germania Violin Outfits, made in Germany

Violin outfits assembled around a handmade German violin. Fully set up.