This helpful sorting of our various brands of instruments is organized by our top suggestions for each level: Student, Intermediate, and Advanced.
Complete catalogue of Eastman and GEWA instruments are available in their specific sections on our site.
Optional setup (labour) available from shopping cart, in “Show Extras”. Setup fee is for labour, string cost may be on top.

Student Violins under $1000

Selection of our most popular violins under $1000.00. Setup us optional, unless noted. See also our recommended violin outfits for more choices.
Concerto 3/4 – Exceptional value This is the best 3/4 student violin in its range. Gorgeous wood, work and varnish, setup included. Concerto 3/4 Outfit
Eastman 80: Our best selling student violin. Preferred string: Tonica (brighter), Aurora (darker). 80 Outfit. Step up: Eastman 100.
Eastman 105: Darker appearance and warm resonant tone, great choice for fiddlers. Preferred strings: Violino and Aurora to enhance the darker tone. 105 Outfit
Dunov 145: European tonewoods selected for resonance; dark, rich varnish matches the tone. Preferred strings: Aurora (darker), Tonica (brighter). Dunov Outfit
Eastman 200: Serious step up in workmanship and tone, brighter sound. Preferred strings: Tonica. 200 Outfit
Etude: Offering European tonewood for a brighter, more intense tone. Preferred strings: Karneol or Aurora. Etude Outfit
Academie: European wood, German style, brighter, richer tone. Preferred string: Karneol or Aurora. Academie Outfit
Cambridge: European wood, brighter tone and clear, powerful tone. Clean work and transparent varnish for a very clean look! Preferred strings: Jargar Evoke for excellent balance. Cambridge Outfit

Intermediate Violins $1000 to $2000

Selection of our most popular violins between $1000.00 and $2000.00. Setup is optional, unless noted.
Eastman 305: Popular! Darker, warmer tone with great responsiveness. Preferred strings: Violino (warmer, darker), Tonica (brighter, definition). Available with integrated pickup.
Dunov 401: Accomplished European-style instrument with rich, complex tone. Preferred string: Obligato, to enhance richness. Available with integrated pickup.
Le Rideau: European materials and shaded antique varnish, with a solid, clear tone. Included string: Evoke for excellent balance.
Glasser Carbon: Revolutionary design results in a great sounding violin which sidesteps the vulnerabilities of wooden instruments. Available with integrated pickup.

Advanced Violins over $2000

Master Violins

Master violins are supplied expertly set up.