Ebony Fingerboards

Made in Germany. This series of fingerboards will be only available while supplies last.

Lower and intermediate grade fingerboards may not be jet black, and may have streaks. Rarely, small streaks may appear in the better fingerboards as well, though they will consistently exhibit higher density, straighter grain, better uniformity with improved blackness and consistency of colour.

We are doing out best to maintain our selection of quality German fingerboards, working with factors which are beyond our control. For more information, please read this article which explains the threats to global ebony supplies..

All of our fingerboards are fluted underneath.

Ebony Fingerboards, Air Dried, Aged

Made in Germany.

Nice growth, air dried minimum 7-8 years. All but the highest grade may exhibit some spots or streaks and may be lightly stained; however, the density and quality of this ebony is superior.

All of our fingerboards are fluted underneath.

Ebony Nuts & Saddles

Guitar Nuts & Saddles