Stylish oblong cases with strong shell construction.

Advanced Thermoshell Violin Cases

Thermoshell construction offers high torsional strength, outstanding thermal insulation, and good puncture/impact resistance.
Maestro Cases follow the legendary JAEGER shape, are made of selected high quality materials and parts, Swiss precision lock, hygrometer, sturdy, bolted outer lining.

STRATO & Diagonale Violin Cases, Germany

These cases are made in Germany, and set apart by their two-tone interior design: dark velvet, offset with a contrasting pattern.

Cambridge & JAEGER Violin Cases, Germany

A Legend without doubt, uncompromising quality since 1925. Frank Peter Zimmerman uses a Jaeger case.

Double Violin Cases

AIR Oblong Violin Cases

The AIR case is the latest in German case design and manufacturing technology. Very high torsional strength, very low weight, outstanding thermal insulation, extreme puncture and impact resistance. The outer and inner layers are formed independently and joined with liquid 2K-Foam. The composite expands to fill all holes and gaps, providing outstanding insulation.
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